Sunday May 1, 2022

7202 E 21st St N
Wichita, KS 67206

Hours: Noon – 5:00 PM

Ecofest is a family friendly festival hosted by First Unitarian Universalist Church of Wichita each year as a part of its campaign to create environmental awareness in our community.

With an abundance of caution over evolving Covid concerns, EcoFest Wichita has been rescheduled for May 1, 2022.

We hope that the number of Covid cases will be decreasing at that point and that we can fully and fearlessly celebrate EcoFest Wichita! 

We feel the precautionary measures that we would have to take to put on EcoFest next month would diminish the scope and gratification of a full-fledged event. The additional time means we can continue to accept vendors, advocates, artists, and sponsors to make it even BIGGER and BETTER! 

If you or someone you know would like to participate in EcoFest Wichita 2022, please let us know by emailing wichitaecofest@gmail.com. Of course, we always welcome volunteers!

 In the meantime, we will present short video clips of our current participants to highlight local Ecofest-spirited organizations, people, and companies on our Facebook page and our website.

Put it on your calendar!


Ecofest Wichita is an annual family festival that is held each year in early May at First Unitarian Universalist Church at 7202 East 21st Street North.

Since Ecofest Wichita’s inception in 2014, our ecological centered festival has provided a premier indoor/outdoor event where people are informed, get involved, find products, learn about services, and are entertained by people who care about the environment.

Through over 40 dynamic exhibits, speakers, social action groups, and vendors, EcoFest Wichita fosters public awareness about opportunities for environmental change. It spurs people to take the initiative in making their homes, businesses and communities more ecologically advanced and environmentally sound, while encouraging meaningful activation and participation.

We welcome sponsors, eco-activist groups, and vendors from any organization that provides products and services that contribute to environmental sustainability. Find out when your lawn has enough water, how to compost, and come face to face with vermiculture while shopping with family and friends!

Questions? Contact a coordinator!

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Lucy Kirkham-Cochener
ecoFest Co-chair 

Holger Meyer
ecoFest Co-chair

Marcia Ellsworth
Sponsor Coordinator

Vivien Minshull-Ford
Artist Coordinator

Jennifer Connelly
Eco-Activist Coordinator

What you’ll find at EcoFest


Our bountiful book sale includes gorgeous coffee table collectibles, children’s books, classics,cook books, novels, best sellers, mystery, thriller, fantasy, romance, and a “free” box. Check us out: there are books for everyone!

Gently Used Resale

Looking for something new to you and unique? Help the earth by finding something that somone else does not need and reducing waste while saving money. Not your usual garage sale junk: special objects at special prices.

Bake Sale

Take home some goodies from our fabulous bake sale. We have cookies, cakes, candies, and homemade bread, including vegan options. 1st UU bakers are amazing!

Children's Activities

There is always something new and fun for our younger Ecofest visitors. Over the past four years, children have enjoyed making exciting things out of recycled materials including jewelry, toys, wind chimes and sculptures.

Fair Trade

Our Fair Trade booth offers quality teas and coffees from South America and Africa, as well as selections of gourmet chocolate chocolate mixes. The Fair Trade signature guarantees producers of all these items a fair price for their wares. It is good for them and for us.

Eco-friendly Crafts and Products

Our craft table has sold a variety of products made from organic, recycled, repurposed materials, or “found” items such as: organic Zen gardens, microwave pot holders, jewelry and shopping bags. All items are earth friendly and vary from year to year. Come see the unique things that can be made from items you find in nature or around the house.!


Our vendors, in keeping with our green philosophy, sell organic candles, soaps, furniture, aromatherapy, bird houses, jewelry, and local honey, in addition to a wide range of baked goods. Local artists and craft makers turn newspapers into woven baskets, twigs into critters, seed pods and dried fruit peel into jewelry, or antique wall papers into greeting cards.

Green Thumb Plant Sale

We will have lots of established plants and seedlings available for purchase at very reasonable prices. Plants provide oxygen for the environment, attract wildlife, and give us fresh, affordable food for our tables and our neighbors’ tables. Also, planting provides peace of mind. Be sure to stock up this spring!

Advocacy Groups

Several advocacy groups will be represented too.

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EcoFest 2022

Sunday, May 1, 2022
Noon - 5 PM

7202 E. 21st St. N.
Wichita, KS 67206